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Hope Lock Farm, where it is all about learning, little by little, step by step, this is an experience. Starting with the love of a horse, learning the skills of a correct foundation, fine tuning these skills, developing respect for another being and becoming a friend and partner with the horse of your dreams.

Hope Lock Farm established in 1977 is an instructional and boarding facility located in Easton PA near the junction of route 33 and 22. Here students learn how to ride and safely handle horses, safety is our priority. They are taught how and why in a fun and educational atmosphere. Our program allows students to experience different disciplines of riding as they progress through our step by step program.. When students have attained the basic skills and are interested in stepping up we can assist in finding a horse to lease or purchase. If showing is in your future, our chosen breed to show is the Appaloosa due to the outstanding youth program the Appaloosa Horse Club offers. Show students of Hope Lock currently attend 8-10 shows annually. More about the show team at our Show Team page.

~ Gayle Matson-Kozak

~ Congratulations ~

Congratulations to Gayle for being chosen as the 2016 Trainer of the Year by the Appaloosa Horse Club.

Link: Appaloosa Horse Club Trainer of the Year Award

~ Congratulations ~

Congratulations to the show team for their successful completion of the 2016 World Championship Appaloosa Youth and 2016 69th National Appaloosa Horse Shows in Fort Worth, TX. See their results on the Team Members page or learn more about the Youth World and Adult National show at the Appaloosa.com web site.

Link: Show Team Members
Link: 2016 World Championship Appaloosa Youth