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Show Team Members - Retired

  • Kendall Brown

    My name is Kendall Paige Brown and I have been riding at Hope Lock since 2006. I started my love of horses and passion for riding in 2006 at the Hands on Horses Camp. This is when I feel in love with Bandit. I then took lessons with Susie on Lucas one of my favorite lesson horses. I continued lessons with Susie until 2009. My love for Hope Lock and the horses continued but I wanted more! This is when my parents and I decided to try the horse show scene. We started to lease and show "Rocky". Rocky and I were a team for 2 show seasons. My heart will always have a special place for Rocky but it was time for me to have my own horse. So October 2009 my parents and I purchased "Cody" Call Me Hot. 2012 will be our 3rd year on the show team and we are hoping to go to Nationals this year. Riding is my life and Cody is my love. Without Gayle and Hope Lock Farm I do not know if I would be as responsible, passionate and determined as I am today. If you have a love for horses I say try Hope Lock it means the world to me and will always be an important part of my past, present and future.

  • Sydni Brown

  • Katie Butler

    Katie's love of horses started at the age of 3 when Gayle took her for a "pony ride" around the Hope Lock Farm property. Katie began taking lessons at Hope Lock Farm at the age of 7. After three years of lessons she received her first horse,"Sirtainly A Star" (aka Thomas) . Katie and Thomas reached 3rd nationally in Walk Trot trail and Hunt Seat Equitation. Katie retired Thomas in 2011 and recently became the proud owner of "Gota Lota Fancy" (aka Kennedy). Katie is looking forward to the 2013 show season with Kennedy and introducing Kennedy to her show circuit friends!

  • Bethany Czuba

    My name is Bethany and I have been riding horses since I was 7 years old. I started lessons at Hope Lock Farm in 2009 with Suzie.

    I took care of Bandit, one of the retired lesson horses for four years. He was very good with kids. I enjoyed doing showmanship with him, walking around the fields and grooming him. Sadly, Bandit passed last August and I miss him very much.

    I started riding Lucas in the lessons early on. I take care of Lucas now and cared for him when his back was injured. I also help with lessons and camp. I like to help others out (horses included) whenever I can! I also enjoy talking to the kids and helping them get ready to ride.

    My first lease was Rocky in March of 2012. This was the first horse that I managed on my own. I learned a lot about equipment, tacking up, and being responsible.

    I started leasing Burt in March of 2014 and I really enjoyed my time with him. I would have continued with him but I really wanted to be on the Hope Lock Show Team this year. For that I needed my own full-time horse. I kept bringing it up all summer and we made the family decision in October 2014 and Gayle started the search for me for my own horse.

    We took a trip with Gayle to Michigan to have our first look at Bea aka “Oughta Be A Breeze”. Bea is an 11 year old Appaloosa Mare and she is a Top 5 World Champion. It was a fun trip and great experience, we loved her instantly. It was very exciting when she arrived in December. Bea is a really cute and funny horse. I am looking forward to being a team with her and her forever friend.

    All of the years of working hard and practicing have all lead to this exciting moment to be part of the show team. I appreciate all the work Suzie did for me since I started at Hope Lock. I now look forward to the challenge of working with Gayle and the rest of the show team starting in 2015.

  • Allison Horn

    Alli has been riding horses since 2009. She always said, if I would ride, I would want to go fast. And that is what she did. Given the chance to ride a game horse one time and that was it. Love at first ride. Alli went on to lease that very special game horse named Jokers' Royal Touch and now owns him. While they may walk into the ring and look like they are half asleep, listen for that whistle and off they go, leaving others in their dust.

    Alli and Joker have competed in regional shows and in Youth Worlds and Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Together they have won many ribbons and love each other with a bond that can never be broken.

    "Well this is joker. He is the cutest thing in the world and does the absolute funniest things. He's my baby even though he is 6 years older than me. From neighing when he hears my spurs walk down the aisle to drinking iced tea from a water bottle, he will always put a smile on my face. I guess you could say we're a perfect match. :)"
    ~ Allison Horn

  • Erin Madden

  • Kathryn E. Madden

  • MacKenzie Marsh

    My name is Mackenzie and I am 15 years old. I have been riding with Hope Lock since 2008. I started riding as an English rider and leased a horse named Flash for 2 years who I showed English and western. Although I loved Flash I did not love the type of riding we were doing. I decided to talk to my trainer and tell her how I wasn't happy with the discipline that Flash and I did. Gayle worked with me to figure out what I wanted to do and that is when I found my love for the games events, Flash was not a games horse so that's when Gayle and I found my horse Mojo who I now own. Mojo was very green at gaming and so was I. It has taken a lot of ups and downs to work with Mojo and create an amazing bond with him. Mojo has taught me so much from patience to love. It has taken time for us to become one because he is a very powerful horse and I was only a little girl, now as I become a more experienced ride Mojo and I are becoming hard to beat in the show ring. My advise to anyone who needs a pep talk is "you wont get anywhere if you don't put your all in. I owe all my thanks to Gayle for being the best trainer as well as best role model I've ever had my riding career would not be successful if I didn't have her by my side.

  • Ashley May


  • Lori Tucker