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Show Team Members

  • Grace Ackerson

    Gracie has been riding Appaloosa’s since she was 8 years old. Her first Appaloosa was a 6 year old mare Boldacious Hunter (Harriet) whom she took to the 2009 Youth World Show in Jackson, MS and earned the Reserve World Champion in Walk/Trot Hunt Seat Equitation as well as placings in all of her walk/trot events. She currently owns a 5 year old Appaloosa gelding, Hunting In Seattle(Seattle). She attended the 2011 Youth World Show in Tulsa, OK where she earned World Champion Hunt Seat Equitation, 12 & Under and Reserve World Champion English Showmanship, 13 & Under, as well as placing in the top 10 in other events. Gracie and Seattle compete in all English and Western youth events. She loves spending time with her horse and her barn friends.

  • Abigail Bicknell

    My name is Abigail Elizabeth Bicknell. I am 8 years old and I have been riding horses since 2010. My first real ride on a horse was with Misty, my grandmother's 13 year old Appaloosa. I loved it and I was hooked! I started at Hope Lock with the Hands on Horses Summer Camp. After that week I knew that horseback riding was for me. I started taking lessons once a week then I progressed to two lessons. I come to Hope Lock to ride every chance I get. I love Misty, she is my best friend. This will be my first year on the show team. I am very excited. I am so thankful for my grandmother for allowing me to show with Misty. I really love working with Gayle and the rest of the girls on the team

    2017 World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show, Fort Worth, TX
    • 1st - Youth Western Pleasure, 12 & Under
    • 1st - Youth Western Horsemanship, 12 & Under
    • 1st - Youth Trail, 12 & Under
    • 1st - Novice Youth Western Pleasure, 13 & Under
    • 1st - Novice Youth Western Horsemanship, 13 & Under
    • 2nd - Youth Western Showmanship, 12 & Under
    • 3rd - Youth Hunt Seat Equitation, 12 & Under
    • 3rd - Youth English Showmanship, 12 & Under
    • 3rd - Youth Bareback Equitation, 12 & Under
  • Juliette Bicknell


  • Kendall Brown

    My name is Kendall Paige Brown and I have been riding at Hope Lock since 2006. I started my love of horses and passion for riding in 2006 at the Hands on Horses Camp. This is when I feel in love with Bandit. I then took lessons with Susie on Lucas one of my favorite lesson horses. I continued lessons with Susie until 2009. My love for Hope Lock and the horses continued but I wanted more! This is when my parents and I decided to try the horse show scene. We started to lease and show "Rocky". Rocky and I were a team for 2 show seasons. My heart will always have a special place for Rocky but it was time for me to have my own horse. So October 2009 my parents and I purchased "Cody" Call Me Hot. 2012 will be our 3rd year on the show team and we are hoping to go to Nationals this year. Riding is my life and Cody is my love. Without Gayle and Hope Lock Farm I do not know if I would be as responsible, passionate and determined as I am today. If you have a love for horses I say try Hope Lock it means the world to me and will always be an important part of my past, present and future.

  • Brooke Kuronya


  • Elizabeth Horn

    Elizabeth (Izzy) started riding at Hands On Horse camp the summer of 2007. Horseback riding was her dream come true. In 2009 Izzy had the chance to lease her first horse Flashing Atitude aka Mable. Izzy and Mable were a champion pair from their first class. Earning many blue ribbons and 2 National Titles, they competed in many walk trot classes and attended the Youth Worlds Show in Jackson, Mississippi in 2010.

    Izzy currently owns an Appaloosa named Impulsive Twist aka Ollie. Together they are a match made in heaven. A day doesn't go by that they do not long to be together. In 2011 Izzy and Ollie won 3 belt buckles for their show performances. July of 2012 brought them a World Championship in Hunt Seat Equitation and High Point Equitation Rider and top ten placings in 7 other events at the Youth World's Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Izzy and Ollie compete in English, Western, Saddleseat, and Showmanship classes. When not showing, they enjoy spending time together grooming, riding, grazing, or just hanging out in the stall with each other's best friend for life.

    2017 World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show, Fort Worth, TX
    • Reserve High-Point Youth 16-18
    • 1st - Youth Saddle Seat Equitation, 18 & Under
    • 1st - Youth Saddle Seat Pleasure, 18 & Under
    • 1st - Youth Hunt Seat Equitation, 16-18
    • 1st - Open Saddle Seat Pleasure
    • 2nd - Youth Western Riding, 18 & Under
    • 2nd - Youth Western Horsemanship, 16-18
    • 3rd - Youth Bareback Horsemanship, 14-18
    • 3rd - Open Western Riding
    • 7th - Youth Trail, 16-18
    • 14th - Youth English Showmanship, 14-18
    • 14th - Youth Showmanship at Halter, 16-18
    • 17th - Senior Trail
  • Sandy Lunden


  • Erin Madden


  • Kathryn E. Madden


  • Ashley May


  • Chloe Meirs


    2017 World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show, Fort Worth, TX
    • 2nd - Youth Nez Perce Stake Race 14-18
    • 3rd - Youth English Showmanship, 14-18
    • 4th - Youth Hunt Seat Equitation, 16-18
    • 5th - Youth Saddle Seat Equitation, 18 & Under
    • 5th - Youth Figure 8 Stake Race, 14-18
    • 5th - Open Figure 8 Stake Race
    • 5th - Open Green Trail
    • 6th - Youth Saddle Seat Pleasure, 18 & Under
    • 6th - Open Saddle Seat Pleasure
    • 10th - Youth Western Showmanship, 16-18
    • 10th - Youth Bareback Horsemanship, 14-18
  • Lori Tucker

    Lori has had a love for horses since she was a little girl. As a child she participated in the local 4H and owned a POA named, Reichel's Honey & Licorice or "Honey".

    As an adult, with the support and encouragement from her husband, Brad and almost grown daughters', Sarah and Marissa, she began leasing and riding for exercise and enjoyment. It didn't take much for them to convince her to try her hand in the show ring. For a brief period she leased a well-known, veteran Appaloosa show horse, Ima Shady Cloud, aka Andy, who introduced her to the Appaloosa show circuit and successful, trainer Gayle Matson-Kozak.

    Recently, Lori was matched with an Appaloosa of her own, Invitation To Win, aka DJ . As a member of the Hope Lock show team, Lori and DJ enjoy participating in Showmanship, Trail, Hunt Seat and Western Equitation and Western Pleasure.

    Thanks to all who have shared their knowledge and support.

    * Delaware Appaloosa Horse Association - High Point Novice Non Pro and High Point NonPro 35 and over
    * Keystone Appaloosa - High Point Novice NonPro
    * Western Massachusetts Appaloosa Association - High Point Novice NonPro
    * National Appaloosa Show