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MacKenzie Marsh

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    My name is Mackenzie and I am 15 years old. I have been riding with Hope Lock since 2008. I started riding as an English rider and leased a horse named Flash for 2 years who I showed English and western. Although I loved Flash I did not love the type of riding we were doing. I decided to talk to my trainer and tell her how I wasn't happy with the discipline that Flash and I did. Gayle worked with me to figure out what I wanted to do and that is when I found my love for the games events, Flash was not a games horse so that's when Gayle and I found my horse Mojo who I now own. Mojo was very green at gaming and so was I. It has taken a lot of ups and downs to work with Mojo and create an amazing bond with him. Mojo has taught me so much from patience to love. It has taken time for us to become one because he is a very powerful horse and I was only a little girl, now as I become a more experienced ride Mojo and I are becoming hard to beat in the show ring. My advise to anyone who needs a pep talk is "you wont get anywhere if you don't put your all in. I owe all my thanks to Gayle for being the best trainer as well as best role model I've ever had my riding career would not be successful if I didn't have her by my side.