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Bethany Czuba

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    My name is Bethany and I have been riding horses since I was 7 years old. I started lessons at Hope Lock Farm in 2009 with Suzie.

    I took care of Bandit, one of the retired lesson horses for four years. He was very good with kids. I enjoyed doing showmanship with him, walking around the fields and grooming him. Sadly, Bandit passed last August and I miss him very much.

    I started riding Lucas in the lessons early on. I take care of Lucas now and cared for him when his back was injured. I also help with lessons and camp. I like to help others out (horses included) whenever I can! I also enjoy talking to the kids and helping them get ready to ride.

    My first lease was Rocky in March of 2012. This was the first horse that I managed on my own. I learned a lot about equipment, tacking up, and being responsible.

    I started leasing Burt in March of 2014 and I really enjoyed my time with him. I would have continued with him but I really wanted to be on the Hope Lock Show Team this year. For that I needed my own full-time horse. I kept bringing it up all summer and we made the family decision in October 2014 and Gayle started the search for me for my own horse.

    We took a trip with Gayle to Michigan to have our first look at Bea aka “Oughta Be A Breeze”. Bea is an 11 year old Appaloosa Mare and she is a Top 5 World Champion. It was a fun trip and great experience, we loved her instantly. It was very exciting when she arrived in December. Bea is a really cute and funny horse. I am looking forward to being a team with her and her forever friend.

    All of the years of working hard and practicing have all lead to this exciting moment to be part of the show team. I appreciate all the work Suzie did for me since I started at Hope Lock. I now look forward to the challenge of working with Gayle and the rest of the show team starting in 2015.