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Our Lesson Horses

  • Lucas

    Hi, I'm Lucas. I am an Appaloosa gelding. I love to be brushed and taken out on trail rides. I love when little kids give me carrots and take care of me. I love to be ridden, and I love trotting. I am sweet and loving, but I get nervous when you flap your arms around my face. But I'll forgive you easily.
  • Candy

    Hi, my name is Candy. I am an Appaloosa mare. I love when you ride me and I will do anything you ask me to do. I love to please my rider. I love being brushed and taken care of. Trail rides are fun and I love going on them with the other lesson horses.

  • Jazz

    Hi, I'm Jazz. I am a Paint gelding, and I am also the tallest lesson horse. I love to be brushed and I love when you give me treats. But I can only have a half a carrot because I have a health problem with how I digest some foods. I love to be ridden on trail rides, but I can be a little lazy. If you ask me the right way, I will do anything for you!

  • Zip

    Hi, my name's Zip. I am a Paint gelding. I love to be brushed and I love to be ridden English. I love doing anything that makes you pleased, and I love to get treats and I like to roll in the pasture. I am sometimes energetic, so I have to be lunged, but only occasionally. But I am not a fan of trail rides, so I don't go on them often.

  • Rascal

    Hi. I'm Rascal. I am an  Appaloosa gelding. I am very laid back and I prefer walking to trotting and cantering. But when you learn to work with me, I am a very great horse to ride. I love getting brushed, and I especially love getting treats as a reward. My favorite thing to do in the summer is go on trail rides!
  • Bandit

    Hello, I'm Bandit. I'm a 32 year old POA (Pony Of America) gelding. I am retired from lessons after many years of hard work. I am currently the only pony at Hope Lock. I love to be brushed and loved. I recently recovered from a leg injury, which is what caused my retirement. But I love to be hand walked and taken outside to graze.

  • Fred

    Hello! I'm Fred. I am the newest lesson horse, a Paint cross.  But due to my overly high withers, I cannot wear a Western saddle. So if you ride me, you can only ride English! I love treats and I love being brushed. I am also a big fan of mud puddles and getting dirty (which is a problem because I am white!) so if you want to brush me, be prepared for a serious grooming session!

  • Misty

    Hello, I'm Misty. I am an Appaloosa mare and I am owned by Jody. She lets me be used in lessons. I guess you can say I have a part time job. I am fun to ride, and am very quiet. I will do everything you ask, normally the first time too.